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Anyone can set up business as a will writer.

That does mean that many people offering their services are not regulated.  Worrying?  Yes, of course.  So how do you make sure that you are actually dealing with a competent and trustworthy person?

Well, their credentials and reputation are what count.

The Solicitors’ Regulation Authority is the regulatory body for Solicitors, but does that mean only Solicitors should be able to write Wills?

My view is definitely not.  That is overly restrictive and would prevent someone like myself, a retired non-practising Solicitor, from offering cost effective will writing advice to the public at large.  

That said, it is undoubtedly true that to sort out the legal and financial implications of planning your Will, however simple or complex your affairs may be, requires professional skills and training. To provide you with solutions that are appropriate to your needs and wishes, backed by honest advice, is what you can expect from me.

As a member of The Society of Will Writers & Estate Planning Practitoners, (“SWW” for short) you can rest easy that the service you receive from me is backed with specialist knowledge and expertise.

Rip-offs and rogues are always a concern.  Scams can surface anywhere. Will drafting and estate planning is no exception.  Unscrupulous people may try to kid you that they can achieve the impossible by setting up fancy trusts in your Will, or even try to get control of your assets by appointing themselves as your executors.

Well you need not have any fear on those grounds.

I will only give you honest, impartial and no nonsense advice on how to implement your wishes through your Will, operating under the SWW’s protective Code of Practice and Client Charter.

If needs be, I will gladly talk through with you how to balance what you see as the competing claims of different family members.  But the final decisions are yours – you prioritise those claims and make the best decisions that your present circumstances allow.

If your wishes in fact involve a trust situation, I will explain why. I will discuss with you what needs to be done and help you to decide on the type of trust, who the beneficiaries will be, and what suitable powers and rules the trustees should be given or have to observe.

wills-made-simple.com is just a website, nothing more.  It is only a platform for me to explain a highly personal old-school will writing service, but with the modern twist of an internet reach.

To find out more, or to make an appointment, call me or use the contact information to e-mail me.  If you like, you can download a questionnaire and return it to me or submit an enquiry.  

What I Can Do For You