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So that there is no room for doubt, let me be clear that:

 This is not an online service for you to draw up your own will (or access any other service) on the cheap.

 I don’t provide any will templates – online or otherwise.

Anyone who is tempted to go down the DIY route of preparing their own Will should think again.  It is a very high risk strategy which is foolhardy at best and likely to end in disaster.  

The “savings” on the cost of preparing a Will have to be off-set against the frustration of your wishes because a legally invalid or ineffective home-made Will has been left. DIY Wills are unlikely to help you leave your affairs in order. On the contrary, disorder or chaos is much more likely to be the outcome.  

Hold on to this single thought: “Writing a Will is a professional task.”

There just is no substitute for experience and qualification.  Cut price or ultra-low cost will writing services are not normally offered by professionals.

Although there are some guidelines for you in the FAQ section, I do not attempt to quote fixed fees ahead of finding out what is involved.

I need to meet with my clients, almost always by way of a home visit, and discuss their wishes face to face, and be sure I have a proper understanding of their affairs at an initial consultation.  

Here is the best part – there is no fee for the consultation.

Only after I have met my clients and gathered all details, can I then give my initial advice on how to proceed and I will then quote a fixed fee for the Wills. You decide whether you want to go ahead, free of any pressure from me.

If you wish to go forward, I will arrange a further visit when the Will can be checked over with you, and the signature and witnessing formalities for it can be sorted out.

I pride myself on offering the highest levels of personal service where your needs come first. That approach underpinned the work of the Solicitors’ profession over 30 years’ ago when I first entered it, and I am pleased now to be able to provide a will writing service where those values are once again at the heart of what I can offer to clients.

To find out more, or to make an appointment, call me or use the contact information to e-mail me. If you like, you can download a questionnaire and return it to me or submit an enquiry.

How I Work