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Q. What will it cost?

A.  Sometimes a question can only be answered by another question. How complex are your circumstances and your wishes? Until you know that information, how can you assess the complexity of the task and the time involved?  That’s why I offer the free initial consultation to find out in depth what is involved.

Q.  But what if my affairs are simple and my wishes are simple?

A.  You need to budget for something in the region of £90 for a single Will. There are also what I term “happy family Wills” for husbands and wives with children. This is a sort of joint Will that reflects a set of typical uncomplicated wishes for such families. For those a sensible budget is £180, covering both Wills.

Q.  What if I don’t make a will?

A.  The state decides who gets what under what are called the rules of intestacy.  Isn’t it better you have control of those important decisions?

Q.  Can my will deal with a property I own abroad?

A.  The answer is in the range between possibly to absolutely not.  If anyone tells you categorically that your Will can safely deal with property abroad then be on your guard. Wills with a foreign element generate complex issues and you are likely to be inviting problems.

Q.  Why can’t this all be dealt with through the post or via the internet?

A.  I don’t work that way.  The risk of mistakes and misunderstandings is multiplied.  If I chose to work that way, yes you might get a cut-price service but it would be only by cutting corners.  I prefer not to have your business at all than to provide a service to you which is second rate.

Q.  Will you be my executor?

A.  No.  Not under any circumstances.  I have no vested interest in gaining control of your assets. I can however advise you on the suitability of different candidates and the pro’s and con’s of your choices.

Q.  What if I’m not happy with your service?

A.  I am obliged to keep a record all complaints – it is reassuringly short – and to maintain a written complaints procedure as required by The Society of Will Writers and Estate Planning Practitioners (“SWW” for short) which I will supply to you on request. If you are unhappy at how your complaint has been handled you can refer it to the SWW for resolution, and I will give you whatever assistance is needed to use the complaint handling procedure.

Q.  What information do you need to start the Will writing process?

A.  You should make a list of your main assets and liabilities and their approximate values. You don’t have to do an inventory – but I need sufficient information to understand the value of your estate – and of course I need to know about the people you want to benefit – details of their names, ages and addresses. Any charitable organisations you would also like to benefit should be included in your list.  You can make a start if you wish by downloading a questionnaire – just click on the link opposite.

Q.  Can you assist me in getting a Grant of Probate?

A.  Yes.   I operate a full probate support service for non-contentious applications to obtain Probate of a Will (whether or not I have drafted it) and to assist in the administration of an estate. On occasion, if other methods of dealing with an estate are inappropriate, I may agree to act under a Power of Attorney on your behalf.

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