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If you’ve found your way to this site, the chances are that you don’t need to be persuaded about the need for having a Will, and that you are already aware of at least some of the reasons for making a Will.

So why are there so many people who die each year without a Will?

Is making a Will difficult?  Is it a stressful thing to do?  Are people worried about dealing with a Solicitor, about the likely costs, or are they frightened they won’t understand all the legal jargon?

In 25 plus years of legal practice as a Solicitor, I came across many explanations for putting off making a Will. I also had plenty of first hand experience of the difficulties faced by families where a loved one had died without one.

In plain English:

 Making your Will is not difficult with the right help

 Making a Will won’t kill you – on the contrary it’s likely to bring you some peace of mind.

 You don’t have to use a Solicitor.

 Your Will can be affordable.

 In the right hands, the legal terminology does the job it should. Its purpose is not to confuse you, but to see that your wishes are upheld.

Having retired from general legal practice, I have established wills-made-simple.com to provide a professional will-drafting and advice service which is highly personal, and drawing on a wealth of experience in estate planning and will-writing.

For regulatory reasons, let me make it clear that I am offering my will-writing and other related services to you as an accredited member of The Society of Will Writers and Estate Planning Practitioners (“SWW” for short) rather than as a Solicitor holding a current practising certificate.  Whilst my business is therefore not regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority, you have the assurance that I work to the highest standards endorsed by the SWW’s own Code of Practice and Client Charter.  

In addition to those safeguards, neither my conscience nor reputation would allow me to sell you a service you either did not want or need.

To discuss making an appointment simply call me or use the contact form opposite.

Andrew Spinelli, MSWW, LLB

Welcome to Wills-made-simple.com

Andrew Spinelli, MSWW, LLB